Post-procedure skin is commonly dehydrated and loses its natural protective properties. Epiderm Plus gel supplies essential nutrient therapy that enhances skin repair & recovery process.

I. SNAIL SECRETION filtrate helps recover collagen and elastic fiber. It functions as a powerful natural antioxidant thus it minimizes further causes of scar followed by dermatological treatments.

II. CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT recovers infections by increasing the oxide concentration of damaged area and thus, increasing supply of blood. It helps with collagen synthesis, which plays a significant role in skin regeneration of wounds.

III. EGF is a factor that accelerates the growth of epithelial cells. EGF does so by transmitting a signal through EGF receptor on the cell membrane, which then induces split of cells.

IV. ALLANTOIN has an instant soothing effect for red spots after laser treatments.

I. Epiderm Plus can be used instantly after dermatological procedures, as it does not cause skin irritation.

II. Epiderm Plus’ powerful skin regenerating ingredients –EGF, Centella asiatica extract, Snail secretion filtrate – help rapidly treat damaged skin after dermatological procedures.

III. With natural Allantoin in action, Epiderm Plus provides an instant soothing effect for red spots after laser treatment

I. Apply certain amount of gel on treated area after the treatments.

II. Apply three to four times a day. Massage lightly until the cream is fully absorbed


After CO2 Laser Procedure


After IPL Procedure


After Surgical Laser Procedure


After Fraxel Procedure


After peeling procedure (seaweed peeling, chemical peeling, amino peeling, crystal peeling)

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