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ACTAN Plus Ectoin 2% Serum

20mL 0.68 oz.

A damaged skin barrier caused by dermatological procedures, environmental stress and pollution makes you vulnerable to inflammation and extreme dryness. ACTAN Plus Ectoin 2% Serum is a mild serum enriched with the highest level of recommended concentration (2%) of active ingredients that speed up the recovery process of damaged skin.

As a step-by-step recovery system for stressed skin, ACTAN Plus Ectoin 2% Serum aids each stage of the skin repair process.

Triple Effect Skin Repair Process


Skin barrier restoration

RonaCare® Ectoin 2%

Protects and strengthens the skin barrier.


Inflammation relief

RonaCare® Troxerutin 2%

Alleviates the sensitive, reddened and irritated skin.


Hyperpigmentation prevention

Niacinamide 2%

has a whitening effect and helps correct blemish caused from environmental stress such as chemical irritation and UV light.

RonaCare® Ectoin 2%

Original ingredient developed by Merck, Germany

RonaCare® Ectoin is an amino acid derived from organisms that survive in extreme environments like dry, hot temperatures with intense ultraviolet radiation. The natural survival abilities of these organisms in such stressful environments is what we infused into this super moisturizing formulation.


  • Use it after procedures that cause physical or chemical irritation such as peeling or laser to provide protection
  • Use it before applying skin regeneration cream for enhanced protection
  • Sensitive skin that easily gets irritated
  • Extremely dry skin that no other product can resolve
  • For users of Ectoin creams but needing extra moisturizing
  • To avoid flaky make up due to dryness

Official clinical study

After 4 Weeks

Relief of temporary itching due to dryness
Improvement of transdermal moisture loss

After a single use

Improvement of damaged skin barrier*

After a single use of Ectoin 2% serum following a physical irritation, the
damage to the skin barrier was lower compared to the control group.

* Human Ethic Co., Ltd. Skin Clinical Trial Center (2023), A clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of [RIBESKIN ACTAN PLUS ECTOIN 2%
SERUM] on improvement of transdermal moisture loss and improvement of damaged skin barrier after one-time use and relief of
temporary itching due to dryness after 4 weeks of use.


Dry skin defense

Original snail cream