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ACTAN plus 2% Cream

150mL 5.07 oz.

ACTAN Plus Ectoin 2% Cream is a daily moisturizer with Ectoin (100% from Germany) and Spirodela Polyrrhiza extract as its main ingredients. It helps to repair damaged skin barriers while providing essential nutrients and deep hydration to the skin.

Active Ingredients


Ectoin 2% / from Germany

Originally from Germany, Ectoin has been approved as a medical device in Europe.
Ectoin is a substance, secreted by bacteria H.E., which is the only bacteria that can survive in an extremely dry environment such as in the desert. Ectoin protects the bacteria from dryness, high temperature and UV rays.


Spirodela Polyrrhiza Extract

Spirodela Polyrrhiza Extract has an incredible detoxifying effect and alleviates itchiness while improving the overall skin condition.


  • Repair solution for extra dry & sensitive skin
  • Intense moisturization for dry and stressed skin
  • Optimal care for damaged skin barrier

Official clinical study

100 hours long lasting moisturizing 1)

*Significantly different at p<0.025 compared between time points by paired t-test

The Epsilon value indicating the amount of water on the surface of the skin analysis value.
As the amount of moisture in the skin increases, the brightness of the image result increases, and
the blue part changes close to white.

-20 female subjects aged from 20 to 60 years

1) OATC Skin Clinical Trial Center Clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of ‘RIBESKIN ACTAN PLUS ECTOIN 2% CREAM’, 100 hours long lasting moisturizing by Epsilon E100. 2023