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Introducing Pink HL for Hair Loss by RIBESKIN

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Introducing Pink HL for Hair Loss by RIBESKIN

Hello to all haircare enthusiasts! We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, Pink HL for Hair Loss, brought to you under the RIBESKIN brand. Designed to address the common concern of hair loss and promote healthier scalp conditions and stronger hair growth, Pink HL is set to revolutionize your haircare routine.


Key Ingredients for Optimal Hair Health

Pink HL is formulated with a fine complex of ingredients carefully selected to promote optimal hair health:


– Biotin: Stimulates Keratin synthesis, promoting hair growth and thickness.

– Panthenol: Moisturizes and soothes the scalp, relieving itchiness and sensitivity.

– Pea-peptide: Increases hair volume by inhibiting the activity of TGF-p1, a factor contributing to hair loss.

– CoenzymeQ10: Promotes cell proliferation and strengthens hair roots.

– Vitamin C: Improves scalp condition and encourages hair growth by inhibiting reactive oxygen species.

– Amino acid complex: Activates keratinocyte cells and enhances hair thickness.

– Growth factors: Normalizes scalp regeneration and hair growth cycles.


Advanced Technology for Enhanced Absorption

Pink HL utilizes a ‘Shooter’ type multineedle delivery system, enhancing the absorption rate of the pink solution for optimal results. Our technology increases the absorption rate by up to 30 times compared to normal topical application and up to 15 times compared to conventional MTS devices using acupuncture pins. This innovative approach ensures maximum efficacy with minimal pain and downtime.


Pre-launch at AMWC Monaco 2024

Be the first to experience the transformative power of Pink HL for Hair Loss! Join us at our booth G56 (Hall Diaghilev) during AMWC Monaco 2024 in March for an exclusive pre-launch event. Discover how Pink HL can complement conventional hair loss treatments and revolutionize your approach to haircare. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to unlock healthier, stronger hair with Pink HL by RIBESKIN.