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RIBESKIN Pink HL product for treating hair loss and alopecia

Pink HL. A New Paradigm in Hair Loss Treatment

With genetics, lifestyle and environmental changes all increasingly contributing to what seems like a hair loss epidemic, there are plenty of hair loss solutions  available today. The only way to make a real difference is to combine scientifically proven ingredients with the most efficient delivery system that ensures maximum absorption of the solution.

RIBESKIN MED Pink HL is a fine complex of hair growth stimulating ingredients like Biotin, Panthenol, Pea-peptide, CoenzymeQ10, Vitamin C, 8 Growth factors, 17 Amino acids & 14 Peptides. It combines the forces of these superior ingredients with our innovative 32G hypodermic multi needle device, TURTLEPIN that is clinically proven to increase the solution absorption rate up to 15 times compared to conventional MTS devices.

What is Pink HL?


Pink HL

Pink Multi Needle

01Pink Multi Needle

TURTLEPIN’s Multi Needle (19 needles – 0.5 mm or 1 mm) superiority over single needles lies in its ability to deliver active ingredients directly into the target layer of skin.

  • TURTLEPIN® technology enhances the absorption rate of the pink solution by up to 30 times compared to normal topical application
  • It also maximizes the efficacy of transdermal delivery by increasing the absorption rate upto 15 times compared to conventional MTS devices which use acupuncture pins
  • Short recovery time & minimum pain with no down time
  • Ideal to combine with conventional injection procedure for hair loss, not limited to an individual treatment

02Airless Syringe

  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Equal amount of diffusion (0.06 cc / 1 stamp)
  • New technique for superfcial stimulation
  • No regurgitation or leakage

Key Ingredients

01Patented Pea-peptide Formulation

Our patented Pea-peptide formulation is a specialized ingredient for stem cell activation, hair loss prevention and promotion of hair growth. It inhibits TGF-1 activation leading to increased hair density and promotes proliferation of epidermal cells in the hair follicle. Pea-Peptide’s effect on promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss has been proven through clinical trials, check out the detailed study here.

Biotin (Vitamin B7)

  • Biotin promotes the production of keratin, stimulating hair growth

7 Growth Factors

  • Growth factors like VEGF, KGF, TGF, FGF, IGF-1 and EGF induce neovascularization and promote scalp blood circulation

Coenzyme Q10

  • Coenzyme Q10 promotes cell proliferation, aids in protecting cell membranes and facilitates scalp metabolism

Neuropeptide complex

  • Neuropeptide complex helps activation of cell neurotransmitters and improvement of scalp environment through anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects

Amino acids Complex

  • Amino acids complex helps maintain scalp moisturization and removes dead cells, accelerating cell turnover

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

  • Panthenol helps soothe and moisturize the scalp, while providing a basic environment for cell proliferation



new hair growth after receiving RIBESKIN Pink HL treatment
01 Normalizes scalp condition
With anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredients, Pink HL moisturizes the scalp, providing a basic environment for cell proliferation
02 Normalizes hair growth cycle
Consistent use of Pink HL helps increase hair density and accelerate scalp regeneration cycle
03 Improves hair thickness
With promotion of keratin protein and collagen synthesis, Pink HL stimulates hair growth and strengthens it
04 Strengthens Arrector Pili Muscle
Pink HL strengthens the roots of hair while increasing the density of scalp

Treatment Cycles

Treatment Cycles

Procedure Guideline

Procedure Guideline

01Androgenetic Alopecia
(M-shaped pattern)

  • step 1. Proceed stamping along the hairline starting from the temporal point to the middle of the forehead.
  • step 2. Divide the session into left and right from the middle part line. Proceed stamping in the indicated direction.

02Androgenetic Alopecia
(O-shaped pattern)

  • step 1. Divide the target area vertically into multiple sessions. Proceed stamping in the indicated direction.
  • step 2. Divide the target area horizontally into multiple sessions. Proceed stamping in the indicated direction.

03Hair loss around Parts

  • step 1. Proceed stamping along the part line.
  • step 2. Create new parts on each side and proceed stamping in the indicated direction.

04Alopecia Areata

  • step 1. Divide the target area into two directions (horizontal & vertical) and
    proceed stamping in the indicated direction.
  • step 2. Create five different parts (one in the middle and two on each side) and proceed stamping to cover the whole scalp area.


  • Use a tail comb to part hair and/or to divide into different sections for
    the procedure.
  • Hold the part with your hand to secure enough space for the procedure.
  • Make sure the stamping is done in the closest contact with the scalp.
  • Stamp at a perpendicular (90 °) angle.
  • Be careful not to slip on the scalp surface.

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial

Androgenetic Alopecia (O-shaped pattern)

4 treatments / 4 weeks

Late 40s aged men

4 treatments / 4 weeks

Late 70s aged men

Androgetic Alopecia (M-shaped pattern)

8 treatments / 8 weeks

60s aged women

Hair loss around parts

8 treatments / 8 weeks

60s aged women



Pink HL SUPERFICIAL 3 mL (0.10 oz.) x 8 EA
Pink Multi needle 0.5 mm or 1.0mm /19 needles x 8 EA