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SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging presents direct epidermal delivery of 56+ kinds of active ingredients integrating our minimally invasive yet highly effective innovative 32G hypodermic multi-needle technology, TurtlePin lll. (15 times greater absorption rate than MTS devices with less pain)

SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging effectively boosts skin metabolism resulting in total rejuvenation & vitalization.

Recommended as a complementary weekly superficial stimulation program in addition to injection procedures.

Minimal invasion yet maximal efficacy

SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging uses innovative 32G hollow multi-needles that show 30 times higher penetration rate of the solution than a topical application and 15 times higher rate than MTS devices. This is achieved by a direct delivery system of Turtlepin III and you will see faster and more significant results from SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging.





01Skin Tone Improvement

  • Contains glutathione which brightens skin and removes free radicals
  • Contains 3 kinds of enzyme which contribute to the synthesis of glutathione in skin
  • Contains 10 kinds of vitamin B complex (vitamin B12) which improve skin metabolism

02Skin Rejuvenation

  • Contains growth factors – adenosine A2 receptors – which help quickly recover skin regeneration cycle
  • Contains 6 kinds of peptide (EGF, FGF, IGF, TGF-b, cooper tripeptide) – the basic structural frameworks of tissues – that help vitalize fibroblast cells
  • Contains neuropeptide complex which is a growth factor that helps vitalize fibroblast cells and growth of blood vessels that are essential for a wound healing process

03Skin Moisturization

  • Contains amino acid complex which increases the content of NMF (natural moisturizing factor)
  • Contains 1.4 million Dalton of high molecule HA, which improves skin moisture deficit

04Skin Energy Activation

  • Contains vitamin B and amino acid for coenzyme synthesis
  • Contains ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) which is the connection for the production of ATP



  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Easy and accurate release of purposed drug
  • Enhanced skin permeability in pain-free manner
  • Multi-needle must be used vertically at all time during the application

Penetration Rate

Penetration Rate

0.5mm shows higher FL intensity level (30x) and faster penetration speed(20x) in comparison to normal application (NC). Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology(KRIBB, 2013), *In Vivo&In Vitro – TURTLEPINIII

The use of TURTLEPINIII series (both 0.5mm & 1.0mm) significantly results in better penetration rates of eGFP than in the use of MTS-Roller. […] Considering the greater convenience and reduced pain experienced in the use of TURTLEPINIII, it may be more suitable for mesotherapy – ideal for both patients and professionals. Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology (KRIBB, 2013), *Comparison study of TURTLEPINIII and mesotherapy-roller

Procedure Guideline

Procedure Guideline

01Around the Eyes

  • Proceed stamping from inside to outside in fan-shaped directions.


  • Proceed stamping into the 45° direction outwards.


  • Proceed stamping from the bottom of the chin into the upright direction along the jawline.
  • Proceed stamping from under the chin area into the 45° direction outwards along the jawline.


  • Proceed stamping from the bottom line of the forehead, including the middle of eyebrows and temples, into the upright direction.

05Nose, Nasolabial fold & Philtrum

  • Proceed stamping in a zig-zag way along the nasolabial folding line.
  • Stamp above the lip line.
  • Apply light tapping around the nose.


  • Deeper lines and wrinkles (eg. nasolabial, forehead, between eyebrows, neck etc.) can be covered by stamping from the starting point of the line into a zig-zag way along the line.
  • Stretch out the treatment area before stamping at a perpendicular (90°) angle.
  • Ready and Shoot! Stay for 2~3 seconds before moving into the next spot.
  • Be careful not to slip on the skin surface.
  • Tap around the nose (instead of stamping) and treat delicate areas such as around the eyes and lips with caution.

Treatment Cycles

Treatment Cycles

Phase 1.

3 sessions
with an interval of
1 week – 2 weeks

Phase 2.

2 sessions
with an interval of
1 month

Phase 3.

3 sessions
every 3
 6 months

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial

Large pore & Irritated skin

3 treatments / 3 weeks

Late 40s aged women

Radiance & brightness

4 treatments / 4 weeks

Late 30s aged women

Large pore5 treatments / 5 weeks

Late 40s aged women

dark circles4 treatments / 4 weeks

Late 30s aged women

Late 30s aged women

wrinkle4 treatments / 4 weeks

Late 30s aged women

pigmentation4 treatments / 4 weeks

Late 30s aged women