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Recab RIBESKIN Advanced Seminar 2024 with Japanese Professional Beauticians

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RIBESKIN Advanced Seminar with Japanese Professional Beauticians in Seoul, Korea!

RIBESKIN hosted an advanced seminar on February 2nd, 2024, exclusively for our valued Japanese professional beauticians, titled “2024 RIBESKIN Advanced Seminar.” The event was not only a gesture of gratitude and appreciation towards our beauticians but also served as the platform for the launch of our new product, the ‘CO2 Booster AHA Cleanser.’

The seminar venue, located in Seoul’s Myeongdong, was equipped with beds for practical sessions and displayed various RIBESKIN products. Of notable mention were the CO2 CARBOXY GEL and our latest product, the ‘CO2 Booster AHA Cleanser,’ prominently featured on the shelves.

The seminar commenced with opening remarks from Mr. Chang (Left), the Brand Owner of RIBESKIN and Ms. Kawano (Right), CEO of Allure Inc., followed by informative sessions led by three guest speakers.

Dr. Jung Heung-Soo (Left), a renowned plastic surgeon, delved into the history of CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY, while Ms. Lee (Center), RIBESKIN’s Master Trainer, discussed aesthetic programs combining CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY. Additionally, Ms. Maeng (Right) introduced our new products, including the ‘CO2 Booster AHA Cleanser’ and the Actan Ectoin 2% Serum.

The highlight of the day was the practical session on CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY, focusing on mastering three massage techniques to maximize treatment results. This hands-on session, spanning four hours, was filled with intense concentration and passion, providing invaluable skills not easily acquired online.


To conclude the seminar, the 40 beauticians who completed the RIBESKIN Advanced Seminar received certificates and captured memorable moments with group photos.

In the evening, attendees enjoyed a dinner featuring Korea’s signature dish, samgyeopsal, accompanied by an awards ceremony hosted by Allure Inc. Awards such as Top 1, 2, 3 VIP, Best Before & After, and Best SNS were presented to dedicated RIBESKIN customers. The event was a delightful and rewarding experience, fostering a positive atmosphere that resonated with all attendees. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all Japanese beauticians for their participation in the 2024 RIBESKIN Advanced Seminar.