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Dr.MAL Smart Photo Dynamic Therapy for Troubled Skin by RIBESKIN MED

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The Most Powerful yet Safe Sebum and
Inflammation Control for
Troubled Skin 

RIBESKIN MED introduces Smart Photo Dynamic Therapy: Dr.MAL

What is Dr.MAL?

Dr. MAL consists of Panax Ginseng Callus Culture extract, effective for treating damaged skin barrier and MAL (Methyl Aminolevulinate HCI) ingredients, used for photodynamic therapy(PDT)*. As a therapy that destroys sebum and inflammation, which are the fundamental causes of troubled skin, it effectively manages troubled skin and helps recover skin conditions.

*Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) refers to the process of irradiating the light energy of a certain wavelength, followed by the application of a photosensitizer, which selectively permeates into the sebaceous glands and pores, on skin. It helps improve troubled skin.


Why Dr.MAL?Dr.MAL’s main ingredient Methyl-ALA (MAL)minimizes the skin damage, pain which may occur during PDT. According to the reports by Wiegell and Wulf, MAL is reported to cause less pain, compared to ALA, while simultaneously having a short post-treatment waiting time with reduced PDT side effects, hence proven to be effective for treatment.


How Does Dr.MAL Work?1. When a pore with inflammation absorbs the Dr.MAL(Methyl ALA), it is transformed into Pplx.

2. As the light of a certain wavelength is irradiated via PDT, it destroys acne bacteria and sebaceous glands resulting in the reduced inflammation.


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