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TURTLEPIN Demonstration by Dr. Hari Darmawan

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TURTLEPIN Demonstration

by Dr. Hari Darmawan 


Dr. Hari Darmawa, a dermatologist from Indonesia demonstrates

how he incorporates TURTLEPIN needles into his medical practice.


Thanks to its universally compatible luer-lock system,

TURTLEPIN can be used with any normal syringe types.


Dr. Hari Darmawan has opted for 19pin, 0.5mm
for superficial application.


Watch the video here



19pin 0.5mm TURTLEPIN needle type reaches

the upper epidermis layer of the skin.

Due to minial pain, no aesthetic cream is required for this needle type.



Simply combine the needles with a syringe

and apply at 90 degrees (perpendicular). 



Recommended application for 19pin 0.5mm needle type is:



Skin booster

Hyaluronic acid

Growtch factor for face and hair loss 





Interested to learn more? 

Go to to learn more or watch the demonstration video and others here.