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Skin boosters allow one to become a dewy, fresh new version of oneself, rather than plumping up the skin for a voluminous look. In the pursuit of achieving glass skin and enhancing one’s natural radiance, the popularity of skin boosters continue to soar at beauty spas around the world. As a minimally invasive procedure that improves hydration, skin texture and elasticity, skin boosters are here to stay as a crowd-favorite aesthetic procedure for a long time. Typically, a topical application of skin boosters is accompanied by microneedling devices or derma rollers that create micro-injuries in the skin to induce absorption of the solution. However, there are some limitations to microneedling which are being tackled by newer technologies like Multi Needling.

Limitations of Microneedling


difference between microneedling using MTS roller and multi needling using turtlepin

Differences between Microneedling using MTS rollers and Multi Needling using DEEP SHOOT

1. Less absorption

Microneedling or MTS devices do very little for absorption since they use acupuncture needles. Therefore, with microneedling, you have more solution wastage compared to using specialized direct delivery devices. Therefore, the key to increasing absorption lies in identifying a device that directly delivers the solution to the skin layers.


2. Pain and discomfort

MTS devices or microneedling rollers work on the principle of poking holes in the skin to induce micro-injuries. However this constant rolling of pins across the same spot causes scratches resulting in bleeding, bruising and redness, bringing discomfort and pain to the customer.

RIBESKIN DEEP SHOOT HA for skin hydration treatment, DEEP SHOOT AA for anti aging treatment and DEEP SHOOT HL for hair loss treatment at aesthetic clinics

DEEP SHOOT. The perfect skin booster for aesthetic clinics

DEEP SHOOT – Deep Skin Revolution 


RIBESKIN PRO’s DEEP SHOOT is a one of its kind treatment that integrates TURTLEPIN’s Multi Needling system with two distinct skin booster solutions. DEEP SHOOT HA is a hyaluronic acid treatment for dry, scaly skin, while DEEP SHOOT AA is an anti-aging treatment for wrinkle and elasticity improvement. Unlike MTS devices that poke holes in the skin, TURTLEPIN®’s hypodermic needles directly inject the active ingredients into the epidermis. The equal needle layout ensures an equal amount of solution is diffused, enhancing DEEP SHOOT’s permeability, giving it an edge over microneedling devices or derma rollers.



Catch on to the Multi Needling Trend


Multi needling, unlike its predecessor microneedling, allows for a direct injection into the upper epidermis resulting in a significantly higher absorption rate for the skin booster solution. TURTLEPIN’s superior absorption capability is clinically proven to be 30 times higher than topical application and 15 times higher than conventional MTS devices. This maximized efficacy of the treatment leads to greater customer satisfaction.

DEEP SHOOT Procedure Guideline


DEEP SHOOT HA – Hyaluronic Acid Triple Action Formula 


For dry or scaly skin that lacks moisture, maintaining an oil and moisture balance is key. If you are looking for intense hydration, you need a hyaluronic acid solution that penetrates deeper into the skin rather than a topical solution that has low absorption.

While hyaluronic acid is widely used in skin hydration treatments, a clear differentiator to identify a superior formulation is the molecular composition. DEEP SHOOT HA stands out with its three variants of Hyaluronic acid with low, medium and high molecular weights that supply moisture to the skin’s epidermis layer, promoting a deeper and stronger action for skin hydration, radiance and wrinkles. DEEP SHOOT HA comes combined with TURTLEPIN’s 19 pin 0.5mm multi needles allowing you to expand the benefits of your treatment beyond the limits of microneedling.


DEEP SHOOT AA – Anti-Aging Elixir


DEEP SHOOT AA consists of a multi-functional cocktail containing essential anti-aging ingredients like glutathione, PDRN, growth factors, peptides and vitamin B complex. Glutathione is quite the go-to ingredient for its glass skin enabling properties of brightening the skin tone by removing active oxygen, while PDRN has been a buzzing ingredient at dermatology and aesthetic clinics around the world in recent years for its human-like DNA which accelerates cell regeneration. The growth factors & peptide complex in DEEP SHOOT AA help strengthen the skin barrier, improve collagen synthesis and increase skin elasticity. 

RIBESKIN DEEP SHOOT AA for anti aging treatment at aesthetic clinics

DEEP SHOOT AA revolutionizing anti aging treatments at aesthetic clinics

Recommended Treatment Cycles for DEEP SHOOT 


Whether it is DEEP SHOOT HA for glowing skin or DEEP SHOOT AA for skin rejuvenation, make your choice based on the personal skin condition and requirement. The skin goes through a process of eliminating dead skin cells and forming new cells 28 days on average. The appropriate DEEP SHOOT treatment is therefore best recommended as a weekly treatment spread over 5 weeks. You can also combine both HA and AA treatments as an absolute skincare solution.


Designed for Beauty Salons and Spas


If you are looking to create a new glass skin routine, DEEP SHOOT is specially developed for beauty salons and spa professionals. 

1. Convenient to use

Its user-friendly ergonomic design makes it convenient to use, needing no prior training. DEEP SHOOT can be applied with a simple 90 degree stamping enabling a quicker procedure. 

2. Less painful 

The lancet cut design of the needles make the treatment minimally painful with a short recovery time. Less pain boosts customer satisfaction which is what any aesthetic clinic strives for. 

3. Clinically proven efficacy

DEEP SHOOT’s clinically proven absorption capabilities enable the customer to receive medical level treatment efficacy conveniently at an aesthetic clinic, salon or spa, further boosting their overall treatment satisfaction. 


Here’s a glimpse of how beauty salons around the world are revolutionizing skin care with DEEP SHOOT.

DEEP SHOOT treatment at Cosmoprof in Italy


DEEP SHOOT treatment in Romanian clinics



DEEP SHOOT treatment in Hungarian clinics 


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