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After Aesthetic Treatment: What Matters Most?

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After Aesthetic Treatment: What Matters Most?

If you’ve undergone aesthetic treatments, paying special attention to your skincare routine in daily life is crucial post-treatment. Here’s a guide:

– Cleanse your skin

– Gently pat dry

– Apply your home care products

– Don’t forget the sunscreen (at least SPF 30)

The most crucial element among these is undoubtedly the home care product. This is because the skin’s most active regeneration period occurs from 9 PM to 6 AM. Following aesthetic treatments, providing essential care for skin regeneration becomes indispensable as it undergoes rejuvenation and repair.



Were you aware that your beloved RIBESKIN brand also offers a Home Care line? Introducing RIBESKIN LAB.

RIBESKIN LAB Skin Science Research Laboratory provides research-based dermatological solutions collaborating closely with cosmetic surgery experts since 2003.

Much like the introduction on the website, RIBESKIN LAB can be considered the most optimized home care brand, drawing from the extensive experience of skincare professionals in the Professional market since 2003.




After undergoing aesthetic treatment, the skin barrier is compromised, making it susceptible to external factors such as temperature, humidity, and UV radiation. This delicate state post-treatment increases the risk of dehydration, PIH (Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation), redness, and accelerated aging.

Therefore, the most crucial aspect is to protect the compromised skin barrier. RIBESKIN LAB offers products containing highly suitable ingredients for safeguarding this delicate barrier.

The key ingredient is none other than!


Nature’s Ancient Secret to Thriving in the Harshest Deserts

Ectoin is a derivative of amino acids created by extremophilic bacteria thriving in the challenging conditions of deserts, characterized by high salinity, extreme dryness, and intense heat and UV radiation. It is a safe, natural, multifunctional active ingredient that protects itself from harmful environments.


Actan STEP 1

ECTOIN 2% serum

“A step-by-step recovery system for stressed skin”


Skin barrier + Relief + Prevention of PIH

It helps speed up the recovery of damaged and stressed skin by aiding each stage of the skin repair process.

•       1st stage: RonaCare® Ectoin 2% protects and strengthens the damaged skin barrier.

•       2nd stage: RonaCare® Troxerutin 2% soothes irritated and reddened skin.

•       3rd stage: Niacinamide 2% is a skin-brightening ingredient that alleviates pigmentation caused by skin damage. It prevents PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) that can occur after dermatological procedures.


Actan STEP 2

Ectoin 2% cream

“Protection cream for severe dryness and irritated skin”

ECTOIN 2% + Spirodela Polyrhiza Extract

Skin barrier + Relief + Prevention of PIH

The Actan Plus Ectoin 2% cream is a skin-protecting cream that contains 2% Ectoin, a naturally derived ingredient found in extremely harsh environments. It is designed to protect the skin barrier for dry, severely dry and sensitive skin, or for the damaged and vulnerable skin condition due to dermatological procedures. It helps increase long-term moisture retention and reduce itchiness.

Are you struggling with acne concerns?


“It means achieving beautiful skin like a butterfly’s graceful flutter.”

Helix Aspersa Snail Secretion Filtrate + Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
Acne solution + Anti-inflammatory

A skin repair cream specially designed for acne-prone skin, containing a high concentration of 100% Chilean snail mucin extract. It is suitable for post-procedure use following extractions, peeling, various laser treatments, and other dermatological procedures. This cream helps expedite the healing process for irritated and damaged skin, promoting quick recovery and aiding in the prevention of post-procedure side effects. It is intended for use in medical clinics and hospitals1)




Interested? Explore more about them on our website or on instagram @ribeskinpro & @ribeskinmed!