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ACTAN Plus Ectoin 2% Serum

20mL 0.68 oz.

ACTAN Plus Ectoin 2% Serum is a mild serum enriched with a 2% concentration of active ingredients to protect your skin from environmental stress and pollution.

Active Ingredients


RonaCare®Ectoin 2%

Protects and strengthens the skin barrier.


RonaCare®Troxerutin 2%

Alleviates the sensitive, reddened and irritated skin.


Niacinamide 2%

Has a whitening function and helps correct blemish caused from environmental stress such as chemical irritation and UV light.


  • Makes use of natural survival properties of the organisms living under extreme environmental stress conditions with super moisturizing and protecting capabilities.
  • Nature based bioflavonoid has a strong antioxidative power that protects the skin against UV light and helps sooth the skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin.
  • FDA approved ingredient with a whitening function which fights against pigmentation and alleviates blemish from UV light and other environmental irritants.



  • After procedures that cause physical or chemical irritation such as peeling or laser to provide protection.
  • Before applying skin regeneration cream for enhanced protection.


  • Sensitive skin that easily gets irritated.
  • Extremely dry skin that no other products can satisfy.
  • For those with the experience of using Ectoin creams but need extra moisturizing.
  • To avoid flaky make up due to dryness.

Official clinical study