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BRUDERM Vitamin K1 Oxide (2.5%) for Non-steroidal Bruise Care

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RIBESKIN MED introduces the most effective non-steroidal bruise before & after-care: BRUDERM.

BRUDERM is used before and/or after dermatological procedures and cosmetic surgeries in order to prevent and treat bruises. With a high concentration (2.5%) of Vitamin K1 Oxide, BRUDERM enhances the recovery of damaged blood vessels allowing faster removal of bruises and swellings.

Vitamin K1 Oxide is an essential ingredient in reducing blood coagulation and therefore suitable for treating bruises before and after plastic surgeries or cosmetic procedures.


Available in 10g, 30g / plastic tube


BRUDERM‘s main ingredient, Vitamin K1 Oxide (2.5%), is infused with natural active ingredients for anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial effects.


Other main ingredients include Vitamin E, C, Emu oil, Arnica Montana, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract. Learn more



BRUDERM: ZEO Steroid with excellent skin absorption 

Safe for long-term application with 0 Steroids. Nanosomic components increase skin absorption rate resulting in quicker removal of bruises.