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An innovative approach to anti-aging

In today’s rapidly advancing dermatological landscape, anti-aging treatments are continually undergoing a transformative evolution. While the approach to anti aging treatments can differ, skin boosters have emerged as an indispensable routine for youthful skin. With a potent blend of skin-essential vitamins and antioxidants, skin boosters are a quick way to provide adequate nutrition that the patient’s skin may otherwise lack.

However, the key to ensuring treatment efficacy lies in the technique used to apply the skin booster. While conventionally, single needles are widely used for skin booster injections, lately with the microneedling trend taking over the world, derma rollers and microneedling pens are also widely used. But what if we introduce you to a smarter way of injecting, one that maximizes absorption of the skin booster solution with less irritation to skin. 


SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging is a skin booster program by RIBESKIN that offers direct epidermal delivery of 56+ types of active ingredients, integrated with our revolutionary new 32G hypodermic Multi Needle technology. Pink celebrates healthy, youthful skin through a procedure that embraces your skin’s natural glow and texture. With skin enriching ingredients like 14 growth factors and peptides, 17 amino acids, 10 vitamins, PDRN, glutathione, coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid, Pink Aging quickly actions on fine wrinkles, enhances elasticity and brightens dull skin tones. 

Pink Multi Needle 

Pink Aging stands out with its minimally invasive yet highly effective drug delivery system – the Pink Multi Needle. Pink Multi Needle lies at the heart of our Multi Needling technology, a result of our passion for enhancing procedure effectiveness while redefining convenience for medical professionals. Available in two sizes – 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm with 19 needles, Pink Multi Needle has the capability to penetrate the epidermis, dermis and the subcutaneous layer. 

CE and MFDS certified, Pink Multi Needle is also patented in South Korea, USA, EU and China.

As a technology that reimagines how solutions are delivered to the skin, we foresee Multi Needling redefining the future of dermatology. Let’s understand in depth how Pink Multi Needle compares to conventional injections to benefit your anti aging treatments. 

1. Pink Multi Needle VS Single Needles 

Less pain, bleeding and inflammation 

The lancet 2x cut design of Pink Multi Needle reduces pain experienced during the procedure to a large extent, making it highly patient friendly. On the other hand, since single needles depend on manual depth control with each stamping, the pain and discomfort experienced by the patient is higher. This comparative advantage plays a huge factor in increasing patient satisfaction, making Pink Multi Needle a great choice to build an anti aging routine with Pink Aging.

2. Pink Multi Needle VS Derma Rollers

15~30x Higher Absorption Rate

Topical application of skin boosters leads to solution wastage as the entire solution does not get absorbed. Pink Multi Needle, on the other hand, injects the solution directly into the epidermis or dermis, ensuring that the skin-essential nutrients reach the target layer. In a clinical study conducted by the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience Biotechnology (2015), Pink Multi Needle, both 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm were proven to show 15 times higher absorption rate than MTS rollers. Additionally, Pink Multi Needle was also shown to have 30 times higher absorption rate compared to topical application of the solution.

Refer to the study details here. 


In the quest for youth and vitality with years of expertise at our core, Pink represents our passion to preserve radiance, an ode to everyone who wishes to define their own terms for aging. Let’s re-imagine the science of aging with multi needling. If you are a medical professional interested in Pink Aging, or if you are a distributor of medical aesthetic products and medical devices, get in touch with us here –