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CO2 Carboxy TherapyPRO procedureRIBESKIN

The Original Non-Invasive CO2 Carboxy Therapy since 2007

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CO2 Carboxy Combo

What is CO2 Carboxy Combo?

CO2 CARBOXY COMBO by RIBESKIN PRO is the first non-invasive CO2 Carboxy Therapy product for professionals in South Korea, which was developed exclusively by JM BIOTECH Corporation Limited in 2007. Trusted by over 300 million industry professionals from 28 countries around the world, it is manufactured, distributed and managed in adherence to strict standards.(CPNP / FDA)

Why is CO2 Carboxy Combo Revolutionary?

Conventional Carboxy Therapy vs. CO2 Carboxy Combo

Conventional Carboxy Therapy

Conventional Carboxy Therapy is a widely known & highly effective non-surgical treatment used to treat and improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks & general skin condition in which infusions of carbon dioxide is injected into the skin, which causes a lot of pain inevitably.


CO2 Carboxy Combo

CO2 Carboxy Combo is different and truly revolutionary as it is the original non-invasive carboxy therapy since 2007 that delivers impeccable results without any side effects or pain.

Such revolutionary non-invasive treatment is possible thanks to “Bohr effect.”

What is Bohr Effect?When carbon dioxide is absorbed by skin cells from the gel, hemoglobin in red blood cells releases oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide. This process provides oxygen to the skin while simultaneously stimulating the blood circulation, metabolism, protein synthesis and disposal of skin wastes. This is Bohr effect.

Hence, the sound of CO2 Carboxy Combo is the sound of Bohr effect at work!

CO2 Carboxy Combo for Facial & Body Care

Facial & Neck Set

CO2 Carboxy Combo Facial & Neck set comes in a convenient pre-cut facial & neck sheet for a total facial & neck care. Dramatic results of procedures are experienced without any side-effects either as a stand-alone treatment or as a complimentary booster or after-care procedure for various dermatological and plastic surgery procedures such as laser, peeling, mesotherapy, postnatal skin care and etc.

Increased Level of Oxygen Supply – Brightening

Improved Skin Elasticity – Wrinkle Reduction – Lifting

Acne Treatment – Pore Contraction

Body SetCO2 Carboxy Combo Body set helps redefine body contours by dramatically improving skin elasticity and cellulite reduction with CO2 3 times higher than that of facial and neck sheet. It comes as a roll sheet, which may be conveniently customized for each body part.

CO2 Carboxy Combo Body set can be applied to all parts of body from arms, hands, feet, legs, abdominal area, etc.

Cellulite Management

Stretch Mark Reduction

Swelling & Bruise Reduction





Interested? Explore more about our signature CO2 Carboxy Combo on our website or on instagram @ribeskinpro!

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