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a girl with bruises around her eyes and nose after plastic surgery; and bruderm cream


BRUDERM®  Advanced Bruise Recovery Cream

30g 1.06 oz.|10g 0.35 oz.

A speedy recovery of bruises and swelling after various dermatological procedures accelerates the overall healing process. BRUDERM is an advanced recovery cream used before and/ or after dermatological procedures and cosmetic surgeries in order to prevent and treat bruises. With 1.0% Vitamin K1 Oxide, Bruderm enhances the recovery of damaged blood vessels allowing faster removal of bruises and swellings.

How Bruderm’s Advanced Action Works

Removal of bruises and swelling

bruise around eyes after plastic surgery
  • Hemostasis of bleeding from damaged micro vessels
  • Alleviation of dark pigmentation caused by oxidation
  • Alleviation of swellings and pain caused by bruise
  • Natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial effects

Zero steroid. High absorption

no steroid sign
  • Safe for long-term application with zero steroids contained. Nanosomic components increase skin absorption rate resulting in quicker removal.
  • Use of special DDS (drug delivery system) for maximation of effects results in non-greasy application.

Acceleration of skin recovery

girl with stitches on eyes after plastic surgery; with a tube of bruderm cream
  • Strengthening of endotheliocyte in blood vessels
  • Regeneration of epidermal cells allowing for a speedy recovery of scars.
  • Recovery of damaged skin and skin tone
Vitamin K in RIBESKIN Bruderm cream which helps in blood coagulation after plastic surgery after plastic surgery

Discover the Goodness of Vitamin K1 Oxide 1.0%

An essential vitamin for blood coagulation, Vitamin K1 (phytonadione) has been used in treating skin problems related to blood vessels  since 1929. Various studies testify its efficacy for treating bruises.

  • Reduces the period of bruise formation by inhibiting the production of hemosiderin which causes bruises
  • Stops disappearance of ECM which protects blood vessels in the dermis layer
  • Aids in re-absorption of discharged blood, removing blood from the tissues
  • Stops the bleeding of capillary vessels while accelerating the healing of destroyed blood vessels

1)“The effects of topical vitamin K on bruising after laser treatment.” ~ Shah NS, Lazarus MC, Bugdodel R, Hsia SL, He J, Duncan R, Baumann L. Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, University of Miami School of Medicine, FL 33125, USA
2)“Topical use of vitamin K versus vitamin K oxide clinical evaluation of post operative bruising and edema.” ~ Dr. med. I. karavani et al. Carpe Clinic. Antwerp. Belgium
3)“Vitamin K and Laser induced Purpura.“ ~ Wendy. W. Lou. MD, Adelle T. Quintana. MD, Roy G. Geronemus, MD & Melanie C. Grossman, MD, The ASDS, Dermatol.Surg. 1999;25:942-944

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in RIBESKIN bruderm which helps with recovery of scars after plastic surgery

With excellent anti-aging and moisturizing effects, Vitamin E in Bruderm helps regenerate epidermal cells allowing for speedy recovery of scars

Vitamin C

Vitamin C in RIBESKIN Bruderm which inhibits melanin and helps with skin brightening after plastic surgery

Vitamin C in Bruderm accelerates collagen synthesis and inhibits melanin formation leading to skin brightening effects.

Arnica Montana

arnica montana in RIBESKIN Bruderm which is anti-inflammatory after plastic surgery

Traditionally long used in Europe, Arnica Montana is effective in healing inflammation, muscle and join pain, abrasion scars and hematoma

Aloe Barbadensis

aloe vera in RIBESKIN bruderm which is anti-bacterial and helps in skin calming after plastic surgery

Inhibits formation of Bradykinin which contributes to pain and has calming, anti-bacterial effects

Clinically proven efficacy


Improved blood circulation
compared to spontaneous recovery


Swelling relief
compared to spontaneous recovery

1) OATC Skin Clinical Trial Center, Clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of RIBESKIN BRUDERM, Micro-blood flow (blood circulation) improvement. 2023

2) OATC Skin Clinical Trial Center, Clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of RIBESKIN BRUDERM, Relief of swelling. 2023

No restrictions on wearing daily make-up or sunscreen

RIBESKIN bruderm cream for bruise and swelling relief after plastic surgery

Comes in an aluminum tube, effectively preventing the oxidation of constituents

Prevents skin damage caused by free radicals when over-exposed to UV rays


  • Apply twice a day (morning and evening) with a gentle massage.
  • Apply before and/or after procedures that may irritate the skin.
  • For sensitive or allergy-prone skin, a small quantity shall be tested in advance.


After CO2 Laser procedure
After IPL procedure
After surgical laser procedure
After Fraxel procedure
After Peeling procedure


Inflammation relief

Post laser recovery

Post-procedure soothing