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Reimagining Beauty at Cosmoprof 2024

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With over 248,500 visitors from 150 countries, Cosmoprof Bologna is truly the global capital for beauty and skincare. As a brand who is at the forefront of reimagining beauty and having been an integral part of Cosmoprof for over a decade now, Team RIBESKIN can confidently say that this is where you can meet the next gen of beauty trend setters. Here’s a look at the action packed time we had in Bologna, Italy from March 21st to 24th, 2024.


Ribeskin booth at Cosmoprof 2024 filled with people

Ribeskin booth brimming with beauty enthusiasts from around the world


Quick Intro

From the launch of our revolutionary new peeling kit, GWANG PEEL Professional Kit, to crowd favorites like CO2 Carboxy Therapy, DEEP SHOOT and DR.MAL, the RIBESKIN booth was brimming with energy throughout the 4 days. Welcoming over 611 visitors from over 35 countries to our booth, team RIBESKIN barely had a moment to breathe, but we’re not complaining!


Ribeskin products on display at Cosmoprof 2024

Ribeskin products turn heads at Cosmoprof 2024


Gratitude to our Partners

A heartfelt gratitude to RIBESKIN’s cherished partners from Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Latvia and Iraq whose unwavering support and presence at Cosmoprof 2024 made it an unforgettable experience for us.


Ribeskin's partners from Europe at Cosmoprof 2024

Our partners (L-R) from Hungary, Russia and Czech Republic


New Product Launch ✨

We flagged off this premiere event with the launch of our new professional peeling solution for acne prone skin. In a world where chemical peels are the norm, the RIBESKIN R&D team crafted a perfect blend of physical and chemical peels that acts on acne prone skin in 72 hours. RIBESKIN GWANG PEEL Professional Kit is formulated with high-purity 99% Spongilla Spicules micro silica extracted from freshwater, along with BHA, IntoCell-EGF, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory peptide solutions. This unique formulation intrigued visitors to quickly line up for a free demo administered by our expert in-house aesthetician. The peculiar texture and physical feeling of the Spicules made for a captivating experience for everyone who experienced it.


RIBESKIN's GWANG PEEL Professional Kit being administered to visitors at Cosmoprof 2024

RIBESKIN’s GWANG PEEL Professional Kit makes a big launch at Cosmoprof 2024


Forever Favorites

CO2 Carboxy Therapy’s historically proven capabilities in improving skin elasticity and skin brightening continued to charm visitors. Those who opted for a demo at our booth were delighted by the immediate skin brightening effects visible right after a single treatment.

DEEP SHOOT, which is our Multi Needle treatment specially designed for beauty salons and spas, piqued visitors’ interests given its precision technology that increases the absorption of our hyaluronic acid and anti aging solutions. Visitors were curious to know the benefits of multi needling over the popular choice – microneedling. And so we spent countless minutes interacting with our new friends, breaking down the science behind our innovative products and just sharing moments of experience sharing.

Furthermore, DR.MAL which is our gold standard in acne treatment, attracted attention for its combined power with Photodynamic Therapy or PDT Therapy. Given the popularity of LED Therapy today, Dr.MAL’s extensive clinical data became a conversation point for professional beauticians and customers alike.


Visitors at Ribeskin's booth get treatments at Cosmoprof 2024

Visitors enjoy our popular and new treatments

visitors at the ribeskin booth at cosmoprof 2024 experience skincare products

Our new friends excited to learn about RIBESKIN’s innovations

We entered Cosmoprof 2024 driven with our passion for reimagining the future of skincare. And we left with precious new connections, a truckload of memories and invaluable feedback that gives our team direction for our next endeavors. All in all, Cosmoprof 2024 ended on a high note for us.

If you missed all the action this year, watch the video below and let it be a reminder that Cosmoprof is the place to be if you’re passionate about beauty and skincare trends and are always on the lookout to introduce them in your professional practice. We know we’re already packing our bags for the next season of Cosmoprof in 2025, see you there!