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GWANG PEEL 72 Hr Professional

Live Action on Acne in 72 Hours

When you’re dealing with stubborn acne prone skin, while chemical peels provide a deeper exfoliation and improve the appearance of acne, they can be harsh on the skin resulting in redness, irritation and sensitivity. And while physical peels can be gentler, the results might not last long.

Our R&D team recognized these struggles and designed a formulation that brings alive the best of both worlds. For an effective acne treatment, you need a combination of physical and chemical peels with an active ingredient that has been historically used for centuries.

GWANG PEEL 72 hr Professional is a regenerative peeling kit designed specifically for acne-prone skin. High-purity 99% Spongilla spicules or micro silica combines its physical peeling power with BHA, IntoCell-EGF along with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory peptide solutions.

Recommended For

· Acne-prone skin
· Damaged skin with acne scars and pigmentation
· Skin with enlarged pores due to excessive sebum and reduced elasticity


GWANG PEEL Professional


72hr Recovery Mechanism


Acne occurs when pores are blocked by excess dead skin cells.

  • Excessive sebum production
  • Clogged Pores
  • P.acnes

0172 hours peeling action

0.5% BHA removes excess dead skin cells to clear the pores while the fine needles of silica stimulates skin regeneration for 72 hours

02Regeneration Boost-Up

Various growth factors and peptides contained in the CELL BOOSTER promote regeneration and nourishment of acne scars and skin damages.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients


Hydrolyzed sponge 99%

  • – Promotes skin regeneration
  • – Normalizes a skin turnover cycle


Beta Hydroxy Acid 0.5%

  • – Removes excess dead skin cells
  • – Adjust sebum production

Growth Factors

CELLOUP-EGF, IntoCell-bFGF, IntoCell-IGF-1

  • – Regeneration of acne scars
  • – Reduced pigmentation
  • – Pore tightening


Phyto-NEP, Azelaoyl Tripeptide-1

  • – Relief of itch and inflammation
  • – Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Procedure Guideline

Procedure Guideline

Management cycle

  • Procedure cycle : Once a week / recommended for 3-5 treatments (Boost up phase)
  • Maintenance : Once every 3 weeks
  • Procedure Duration : ± 40mins

STEP 1 Preparation

  • 1. Cleansing.
  • 2. Extraction.

STEP 2 Procedure

1. Mix an appropriate amount BHA 0.5% serum(2mL–2.5mL) and Silica.
2. Apply drops of mixture on the cleansed skin using a spatula or swab. Gently press the silica against the skin surface and into the pores using fingertips.
3. Apply CELL BOOSTER SERUM by gently pressing with fingertips to absorb into the skin.
*Do not rub

STEP 3 Post-procedure

1. Apply GWANG PEEL ACDERM FACIAL & NECK MASK on the treated area. Remove the mask sheet after 10-15mins.
ribeskin gwang peel ac derm sunscreen for post peeling procedure suitable for acne prone skin
2. Apply GWANG PEEL ACDERM SUN CREAM over the full face using fingertips for a gentle absorption.

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial

Acne-prone skin: Clogged pores, Excessive sebum

20s aged men

Enlarged pores after acne extractions

20s aged men

Hyperpigmentation and acne scars

20s aged men