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NRX Post Mask – What is Bio-cellulose?

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23g / 0.8 fl.oz. x 10 sheets

High Quality Bio-cellulose Mask
for Post-procedure Healing

NRX Post Mask  is universal post-procedure mask made of high quality bio-cellulose

material that effectively relieves irritated skin after various dermatological procedures

such as SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging, peeling, MTS, IPL, FRAXEL, CO2 laser, etc.



What is Bio-cellulose material?

Nano-sized fibers originating from natural micro-organisms attached near irritated skin and pores. This enables the efficient delivery of active ingredients into dermis. 

Bio-cellulose is a highly polymerized compound, which is patented in Korea (No.0405775). It is created by fermentation of natural ingredients (coconut water) and Acetobacter xylinum using mass cultur technology. This results in cellulose created by microbial cultures, which has the same structure as the cellulose plant cell walls are composed of.

Side-effect inhibition: Strong brightening effect through the control of NF-kB and SOD


Efficiency: Easy and effective intensive cooling and soothing effects.


High patient satisfaction: Significant improvement in pore and waste cell control (cf. Hanrim University clinical report)


Safety approval: Proven to not cause erythema, calluses or edema (Korea Test and Research Institute, 2003)






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