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Introducing SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging Series by RIBESKIN MED

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Introducing SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging Series By RIBESKIN MED

RIBESKIN MED introduces signature procedure product series: SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging

What is SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging?

SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging is RIBESKIN MED‘s signature procedure series integrating minimally invasive yet highly effective 32G hypodermic multi-needle technology, TurtlePin lll (30 times higher penetration rate than topical application and 15 times higher than MTS devices with minimal pain).

With 0.5mm depth of 19 needles, SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging can be used in-clinic as well as at home by patients. It is also highly recommended to consider adding SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging series as a complementary program to a main procedure to help boost results with minimal pain.


SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging Series in 2 Types: 


SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging presents direct epidermal delivery of 56+ kinds of active ingredients integrating TurtlePin lll technology. 

SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging effectively boosts skin metabolism resulting in total rejuvenation & vitalization. 

Key ingredients: 

Glutathione, PDRN, Growth Factors, Hyaluronic Acid, 10 Vitamin complex, 17 Amino Acid complex

4 treatments [4 week*]

Read more: SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging Page [CLICK!]

SUPERFICIAL PINK AGING HL [Hair Loss] for Scalp/Hair Care 

SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging HL [Hair Loss] presents direct epidermal delivery of 56+ kinds of nutritious ingredients for scalp condition integrating TurtlePin lll technology.

SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging HL rescues and prevents hair loss by nourishing the scalp condition and promoting hair growth.

Key ingredients: 

Biotin, Growth Factors, PDRN, Hyaluronic Acid, 10 Vitamins, 17 Amino Acids, 14 Peptides

8 treatments [8 week*]

Read more: SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging HL Page [CLICK!]


Finish SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging

with NRX Post Mask

 NRX Post Mask is the recommended post-procedure care for SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging Series.*

Instantly soothingcoolinglifting effects

High-cost Bio-cellulose sheet that feels like human skin covering 98.5% of skin!

Active ingredients: Centella Asiatica, EGF, Acetyl-Hexpeptide

Read more: NRX Post Mask [CLICK!]



        STEP 1: SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging                      




Explore more about SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging Series on our website & on @ribeskinmed on Instagram for more updates and weekly webinars on IG LIVE!