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AMWC is known as the world’s leading aesthetic and anti-aging medicine world congress that unites esteemed key opinion leaders and educators for inspiring conversations on upcoming innovations in the industry. Held in Monaco this year from March 27th to 29th, team RIBESKIN’s experience paralleled this sentiment as we met over 500 dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical aesthetic doctors over the course of these three days.

turtlepin multi needle device and ribeskin products on display at the AMWC 2024 booth in Monaco


It was also delightful catching up with our partners from Poland, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Romania and Thailand whose contribution in expanding RIBESKIN around the world has played a major role in the brand becoming a growing preference in dermatology and cosmetology clinics. 

TURTLEPIN paved the way at AMWC this year with its Multi Needle technology turning heads not just for its unique design that provides greater absorption, but also for its Lancet cut needle design that reduces pain during procedures. Its availability in various sizes of 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm enticed doctors about the flexibility of choosing the appropriate needle based on the nature of the procedure.

Various sizes of Turtlepin multi needling device on display at AMWC 2024

The TURTLEPIN Troupe comes in all sizes


Medical experts who we met at AMWC were exceptionally inquisitive about the usage and efficacy differences between Multi Needles and the popularly used microneedling devices. It’s a topic we are passionate about educating, thus making way for some long and deep conversations. We recently wrote a piece detailing the differences between the two, check it out here. TURTLEPIN’s established presence in dermatology clinics in over 40 nations around the USA, UK and Europe provided greater conviction for doctors we spoke to.

Pink HL product for hair loss treatment at display in the ribekin booth at AMWC 2024 in Monaco

Pink HL ready to take the Hair Loss market by a storm


This year also marked the launch of our new hair loss treatment product, Pink HL which utilizes TURTLEPIN’s remarkable delivery system. As hair loss increasingly becomes a universal challenge for people around the world, interest in Pink HL spiked among doctors at AMWC who spoke about their vast experience and struggles in treating hair loss. Pink HL’s Multi Needle technology presents a new paradigm in hair loss treatment with its ability to deliver nutrients deep into the scalp with equal dispersion, which became a point that piqued the curiosity of doctors. 

ribeskin's EP+DERM PLUS range of post procedure products and Nicomed on display at AMWC 2024 in Monaco

Our post procedure line on display


Next up we had our post procedure line greeting visitors with their superior ingredients and formulations. Be it Nicomed’s steroid free, 4% nicotinamide formulation for relief post acne treatments or Bruderm’s speedy removal of bruises with 2.5% Vitamin K1 Oxide, doctors emphasized customers’ preference for such products that accelerate recovery.

Happy customers at the ribeskin booth at AMWC 2024 in Monaco

Happy faces and insightful conversations

All in all this led to a wholesome interest in RIBESKIN’s overall range of medical aesthetic solutions giving us the conviction to stay rooted in our patient centric innovations and visit AMWC again next year. AMWC was also a great place to make new connections that we are very certain will turn into long term associations to cherish. 

If you’re interested in our medical aesthetic solutions, check out the RIBESKIN MED portfolio here and feel free to drop us a ‘Hi’ here to connect for more information.