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5 Advantages of Multi Needling VS Single Needles

By 2024-03-28May 9th, 2024No Comments

Single needles have been an integral part of medical procedures for as long as we can remember. Understandably, they can be quite hard to switch from. However, as the purpose of medical science goes to fulfill the gaps of yesterday while promising a future of improved performance, it is up to us to stand up and recognize the best that science has to offer today.

Driven by this thought, JM Biotech’s R&D team spent countless hours in designing a smarter Drug Delivery System (DDS) known as TURTLEPIN ®, comprising of 32G nano-hypodermic needles that is clinically proven to give you an edge over other needles in your daily dermatological and cosmetic procedures.

If you’re curious to know how Multi Needles deliver a stark difference in performance over single needles, let’s explore some fundamental differences below.

1. Manual Depth Control VS Equal Diffusion

Single needle requires manually controlling the depth of injection each time leading to inconsistent delivery. TURTLEPIN ®’s Multi Needling technology’s equally positioned hypodermic needles ensure equal diffusion of liquid drugs.

a diagram depicting the various depths of skin which turtlepin can deliver medicinal solutions to

Skin permeability capabilities of TURTLEPIN ®‘s various needle sizes

Available in varying sizes from 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm to 3mm, with upto 5 to 19 needles, the enhanced permeability of TURTLEPIN ® needles enable them to penetrate into the upper epidermis, lower dermis and even all the way deep into the subcutaneous tissue. The 90 degree perpendicular stamping motion to administer TURTLEPIN ® is not only more convenient but also ensures accurate penetration each time.


2. Painful Injection VS Almost Painless

No matter their age, pain from a single needle procedure is always painful for patients. But their desire for better skin makes them persevere through the pain. However, pain doesn’t always have to equate to effectiveness.

turtlepin multi needle technology's microneedling device reduces pain with its lancet 2x cut design

TURTLEPIN ®‘s Lancet Cut design ensures minimal pain with maximal efficacy


Crafted with patient centricity in mind, the 2x Lancet cut design of TURTLEPIN ® needles reduce pain and risk of injury during a procedure. Multi Needling Technology is therefore changing the narrative to equate maximal efficacy with minimal pain. It requires no  anesthesia and presents you with a fresh opportunity to reassure your patients to try new treatments without the fear of pain.


3. Less Bleeding and Inflammation 


Given the differences in stamping methods, single needles cause more bleeding and inflammation on the skin, compared to TURTLEPIN ® wherein the needles’ 2x Lancet cut and 90 degree perpendicular stamping motion causes minimum irritation to the skin.


4. Time Consuming VS Short Procedure Time

As seen in the above video, single needles take up an awful lot of time to finish administering. In comparison, TURTLEPIN ®’s Multi Needles help you get more area coverage in the same time, reducing the procedure time by up to 3 times. This saves you precious time that can be utilized more efficiently.


5. Clinically Proven Effectiveness 

Based on our clinical studies, TURTLEPIN®Ⅲ (0.5 mm, 19 needles) shows 30 times higher absorption rate in comparison to normal application of the drug. This combined with its greater convenience and reduced pain experience makes it more suitable to become a new habit in your mesotherapy routine.

turtlepin multi needle technology's microneedling device's clinical study shows higher effectiveness than regular needles

TURTLEPIN®‘s efficacy beats conventional MTS devices and topical application

As a medical professional, making a switch to a new device can be quite daunting. While TURTLEPIN® comes with an Airless Syringe, its Luer-lock function makes it compatible with all types of syringes in the world. This universal compatibility gives you a chance to adopt TURTLEPIN® with your existing syringe, enabling a smooth transition for you into the Multi Needling world.

To learn more interesting facts about TURTLEPIN® and stay updated on our new innovations, follow us on our official Instagram channel.

We’ll leave you with a demonstration of TURTLEPIN® by Dr. Haridarmawan from Indonesia.


turtlepin multi-needle microneedling device

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