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While hereditary hair loss could be termed as one of the leading causes of hair loss worldwide, lifestyle and environmental triggers are quickly climbing to the top. As the modern day lifestyle becomes more welcoming to stress, incorrect dietary habits and insufficient sleep, the resultant hair thinning and extended resting stage of the hair growth cycle become a huge cause of worry.

While patients, in their desperateness, attempt various remedies and treatments, one of the most overlooked remedies is maintaining optimum scalp health. The healthier the scalp, the richer the environment for hair follicles to thrive. Damaged skin barrier caused by prolonged scalp issues like inflammation and dandruff are critical to treat at the right time.

But in an abundance of hair health supplements and hair loss treatments, how can a hair health specialist make the right choice? The focus is often laid on identifying superior ingredients responsible for reducing hair loss and inducing new hair growth. However, even with the right ingredients, having a weak drug delivery system could slow down the positive effects due to low absorption of the ingredients. 

RIBESKIN MED Pink HL for hair loss treatment

RIBESKIN MED Pink HL for Hair Loss Treatment


Pink HL. A New Paradigm in Hair Loss Treatment


The answer lies in selecting not just the most scientifically proven ingredients but supporting them with a powerful drug delivery system with higher skin permeability. RIBESKIN MED’s Pink HL is a fine complex of hair growth stimulating ingredients like Biotin, Panthenol, Pea-peptide, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, 8 Growth factors, 17 Amino acids and 14 Peptides. Pink HL combines the forces of these superior ingredients with our innovative, pain-free 32G hypodermic multi needle device, TURTLEPIN®. 


New to Multi Needling? 

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TURTLEPIN®’s superiority over single needles lies in its ability to deliver Pink HL’s active ingredients directly into the scalp, preventing hair loss by nourishing the scalp condition and promoting hair growth. With an equal diffusion of the solution through equally positioned hypodermic needles, TURTLEPIN® provides a higher advantage than single needles which depend on manual depth control. TURTLEPIN®Ⅲ is clinically proven to maximize the efficacy of transdermal delivery by increasing the solution absorption rate by 15 times compared to conventional MTS devices using acupuncture pins. 

Clinical comparison data between TURTLEPIN®Ⅲ and mesotherapy rollers

Clinical comparison between TURTLEPIN®Ⅲ and mesotherapy rollers


Click here for a detailed read on TURTLEPIN®’s advantages over single needles. 

While TURTLEPIN® ensures a minimally painful yet effective injection, let’s uncover Pink HL’s scalp nourishing ingredients one by one. 


Patented Pea-Peptide Formulation 

Hair needs a strong supply of nutrition in order to snap out of an extended resting phase of telogen. Ingredients like Pea-peptide help achieve this by promoting proliferation of epidermal cells in the hair follicle. This patented ingredient in the Pink HL formulation reduces the activity of TGF-β, one of the signaling molecules related to hair loss in the dermal papilla cells, thereby increasing hair density. Pea-Peptide’s effect on promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss has been proven through clinical trials, check out the detailed study here.



Normalization of Scalp Condition

Pink HL additionally contains a patented neuropeptide complex with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects which helps restore the scalp to a healthy state. Scalp moisturization is ensured with panthenol and hyaluronic acid providing a basic environment for cell proliferation.


Normalization of Hair Growth Cycle

Apart from Pea-Peptide’s proven role in increasing hair density, Pink HL also contains Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone which acts as a co-factor involved in ATP production. Its role in facilitating scalp metabolism goes a long way to normalize the hair growth cycle. Furthermore, the presence of Adenosine A2 receptors and six growth factors (VEGF, KGF, TGF, FGF, IGF-1, EGF) accelerate the scalp regeneration cycle, making pink HL a holistic formulation for hair loss treatment.


Goodness of PDRN

PDRN’s well established role in scalp regeneration and wound healing made it a must-have ingredient in the Pink HL formulation. Sourced from Javenech, France, PDRN helps densify the scalp, thereby strengthening the roots of hair. Its stimulation of growth factors involved in wound healing provide an apt environment in strengthening arrector pili muscle.



Level up your Hair Transplant Treatments

With hair transplant becoming a preferred treatment among hair loss patients, it becomes imperative for hair health specialists to explore pre and post treatment programs that ensure the best environment for the new hair follicles. Pink HL’s superior nutrient formulation supplies the scalp with adequate nutrition before hair transplant to help secure the grafts strongly within the scalp after the surgery. This thereby reduces the downtime of overall recovery. With growth factors like VEGF in Pink HL responsible for inducing neovascularization and promoting scalp blood circulation, the transplanted follicles find a better environment to adjust and grow. Furthermore, ubiquinone’s role in reducing vitamin E to normalize the overall antioxidant system, goes a long way in ensuring overall success of the treatment.

Clinical trial before and after pictures for RIBESKIN MED Pink HL

Visible growth during Clinical trials for Pink HL

Start with a Robust 8 Week Program

Treatment with Pink HL is recommended as a 3 phase program with the initial stage spread over 8 weeks. This stage helps normalize the scalp condition by tackling issues like erythema and dandruff, alleviate degenerative follicles and reduce hair loss due to scalp disorder. Midway through this stage, the treatment increases anagen follicles and significantly reduces degenerative follicles. An appearance of abundant hair growth from the anagen follicles can be observed from the eighth week.

RIBESKIN MED Pink HL treatment program for hair loss treatment

RIBESKIN MED Pink HL Recommended Treatment Cycle

In conclusion, while hair loss can be tricky to deal with, significant improvement in scalp condition plays a major role in restoring hair health. As a medical practitioner, the only way to present a differentiated treatment is to combine superior ingredients with a strong delivery system like TURTLEPIN® that ensures equal distribution and higher permeability of the solution.

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