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How to Choose TURTLEPIN III Multi-needles for Your Procedure

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What is TURTLEPIN lll?

TURTLEPIN lll is a ground-breaking micro-multi needle technology 
developed exclusively by JM BIOTECH, comprising of 32G nano-hypodermic needles.

With its advanced needle design, TURTLEPIN lll allows for highly enhanced skin permeability
in a minimally painful manner with reduced risk of injury.

30 times higher penetration rate than topical application
15 times higher penetration rate than conventional MTS procedures


TURTLEPIN lll is Available in 2 Lines

Superficial Stimulator Line (0.5mm/1mm)

Perpendicular Injector Line (2mm/3mm)


How to Choose the Right TURTLEPIN lll
for Your Procedure? 

Recommended Application

0.5 mm – 19 pin (Epidermis – Superficial)

  Meso Therapy

   Skin Booster

   Hyaluronic Acid
   Growth Factor for face, hair loss

1.0 mm – 19 pin | 2.0 mm – 5 pin, 7 pin (Dermis)  



  Intralesional injection

  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  Nano-fat grafting
  Skin Booster (Pink Aging)

  Hyaluronic Acid (Non-crossed link)
  Growth Factor for face, hair loss

2.0 mm – 5 pin, 7pin (Dermis)

  Steroid (T.A)
  Carbon dioxide (CO2) Injection

3.0 mm – 7 pin (Hypodermis)

  Lipolysis injection
  Steroid (T.A)
  Carbon dioxide (CO2) Injection

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