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Trusted by over 300 million industry professionals from 38 countries around the world, RIBESKIN PRO’s CO2 Carboxy Therapy is an original non-invasive procedure that accelerates skin metabolism via the Bohr Effect, improves skin elasticity, facial lifting, brightens skin and reduces pores. With such diverse uses before various procedures, RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy has a fan base of its own and is a global favorite at beauty salons and spas since its launch in 2007. However its clinically proven efficacies and immediately visible effects are quickly catching the attention of dermatologists as well. Together with our long-term partner PYFAESTHETIC, RIBESKIN celebrated the soft launch of CO2 Carboxy Therapy in Indonesia last week.

Attended by over 300 dermatologists, anti aging specialists and therapists at two major Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Surabaya, along with many in virtual attendance over Zoom, this soft launch was indeed a high moment for us, helping wrap up the month of May with a bang. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partner, PYFAESTHETIC and all the key doctors, Dr Hari Darmawan, Dr Theressia Handayani, Dr Yuly Lie Jaya, Dr Irfan Prasetya Yoga, Dr Ivana Huang, Dr. Angelia Ongko Prabowo and Dr. Ayuni Mekarsari, who helped put up a stellar show and made this launch a big success.

Kicking off the event in Jakarta, PYFAESTHETIC’s team of key doctors left no stone unturned to introduce CO2 Carboxy Therapy’s scientific mechanism and various possible uses in dermatology. It was a pleasure to reconnect with doctors who have been part of the TURTLEPIN and RIBESKIN family since the start, utilizing RIBESKIN products like EFI, NRX Post Mask, EP+Derm Plus post procedure range, and our flagship multi needle TURTLEPIN in their practice.

Dr Hari Darmawan explains the science behind CO2 Carboxy Therapy

Dr Hari Darmawan kicked off the educational session by sharing exciting details – from the discovery of CO2 gas’ role in boosting skin health to introducing Bohr Effect, the key principle behind CO2 Carboxy Therapy. From skin elasticity, tone brightening, pore reduction, facial lifting, stretchmarks and cellulite reduction, CO2 Carboxy Therapy has a huge list of proven efficacies which were perfectly explained by Dr Hari. 

Watch how CO2 Carboxy Therapy utilizes the Bohr Effect

This was followed by the sharing of key trends and insights from the Korean dermatology industry by our Education Team director Ms Hye Yeon Maeng. She elaborated on procedures like multi needling, pigmentation laser, lifting, weight management, regeneration care, etc that are popularly combined with CO2 Carboxy Therapy to boost the overall results. The demo session left our attendees with loads of questions about recommendations for various program combinations.

Ms Hye Yeon Maeng, RIBESKIN Education Director explains the various uses of CO2 Carboxy Therapy

A live demo session followed where Ms Maeng showcased the applications of CO2 Carboxy Therapy both for face and body. The demo session was received with huge appreciation since the immediate and visible effects like skin brightening and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles deepened doctors’ belief in the product. A measurable decrease of 2~3 cm in the stomach area of the demo subject gave confidence about combining CO2 Carboxy with liposuction for maximum benefit. While the principle of Bohr Effect is an established concept among dermatologists, witnessing the quick before & after effects in an intimate setting like this one helped strengthen their conviction in the procedure. 

It was encouraging to hear feedback from the attending doctors. They spoke about how it was interesting to hear new perspectives being discussed about CO2 Carboxy Therapy’s combination with various procedures to boost overall results. One of the doctors we spoke to mentioned how this opens a new dimension for building new aesthetic routines for a variety of skin concerns. Another doctor expressed excitement about how CO2 Carboxy Therapy can be used on the face and across the body making it a highly efficient product for overall skin improvement. Given its non-invasive nature, another factor of satisfaction among doctors was the safety of the procedure, since the fear of side effects often hinder patients from opting for certain treatments.

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All in all, this soft launch served as the perfect stage to introduce CO2 Carboxy Therapy to the best minds in dermatology in Indonesia. We leave the beautiful country with tons of positive vibes and feedback which strengthen our inspiration to come back with more innovative products next time. With this experience, we are sure CO2 Carboxy Therapy will soon steal the limelight at dermatology clinics around the world.

If you are a dermatologist interested in using CO2 Carboxy Therapy in your clinic or if you are a distributor of aesthetic products anywhere in the world, get in touch with us here